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Instructions to make a complete part number:

  1. Find your tool number at the top of the chart.
  2. Locate your part letter on the left side of the chart (Use the links on each part letter to view the parts selector).
  3. Put the two together.


The drive gear for the Terry #0 is #1-D, the drive shaft and gear asy is #1-DSX.

The flexible casing assembly for the #N-50 is a #N-51-FCX.

The center drive assembly for the #34 is a #34-CBX.

**Always specify thread size when ordering a threaded spindle (“B” or “SSX”).


Terry Tools provides a long list of configurable parts for each one of our drilling attachments. The variable sizes, adjustments and capacities allow you to use your drill in many situations and on many different devices. Our part finder chart allows you to locate replacement and interchangeable parts for your drill attachments, including the drive shaft, gear assembly, adjustable chuck, handle, gear spindle and all attached parts. Like all of our equipment, our components are made especially for your requirements and they are built according to the needs and specifications of each high-quality drill attachment. Because of the unique construction and materials used in our drills, only Terry Tools replacement parts should be used. We make it easy to order new components for your drill attachments and keep your equipment working in optimal form over years of use.

For over 100 years, we have been developing critical tools for tough jobs. Our drills are specially made to reach difficult areas and give you a secure hold. With five different designs and dozens of different models in each category, we have drills to complete nearly any job. Decades of development and continuous innovation have made our drills superior in durability, versatility and efficiency when it comes to tight angles and long reaches. We use heat-treated alloy steel for our drill attachments, which allows them to stand up to high-stress applications, heavy materials, and especially hard-to-reach places. While some of our smaller drills may be used for bigger jobs, we make it easy to maintain your drill if you need to overextend its power. Some angles can only be reached through a smaller drill, so we give you easy instructions and on-demand ordering so you can replace any parts that wear down.

Accessing tight angles and narrow channels without the proper equipment can not only damage the pieces you are working on, but also put your safety at risk. Our tools are built specifically for these difficult reaches so you can drill, countersink and deburr nearly any screw in any situation. Our tools are so precise they are used in aeronautics, submarines and satellites without damaging the delicate mechanical components, yet they are strong enough to service industrial equipment, water pumps, appliances, and railway cars. This wide range of application is available thanks to our patented angled and adjustable designs that allow you to adapt your drill to the angle you need without sacrificing power or accuracy. Our adjustable offset drilling attachment uses a swivel head that enables you to shift positions and secure the attachment back into place safely to use at new angles. Our right-angle drilling tools extend your drill up to 30,” or as little as 6,” with a wide range of drill capacities and sizes. The offset drilling attachments allow you to access narrow channels and install screws safely even in areas you cannot reach. The straight flexible drilling attachment also extends your reach up to 30” and features a flexible shaft that shifts to meet your needs. With many other capabilities and benefits, each drill design comes in many different sizes so you can select the ideal tools for your project. The part finder chart allows you to find the exact parts you need for your specific model so there is no confusion in ordering.

To use the part finder chart, start with the tool number of the tool you are using. The tool number is listed at the top of the chart, and corresponds with the part letter on the left side. To find the part that you need, click the link on the left side to see the tool that each letter corresponds to. When clicked, an enlarged blueprint will appear showing which letters represent which parts in your drill. When you have found the tool number and the part letter that you need, follow each side to their corresponding slot on the chart to find the complete part designation for the piece you need, such as #1-D for the drive gear of the Terry #0 tool. When you are placing a parts order, use this completed number to specify which pieces you are looking for and avoid confusion in your order.

If you are not sure how to use the chart or you have a custom drilling attachment you would like part for, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in placing your order. If you would like to learn more about each of our drill attachments, see the tool selector page to find the optimal tools for your applications. To place an attachment order, ask about parts, custom machining, or you have other questions, call or message us any time at 585-653-5178 / fax: 585-492-5166 or info@blissmachine.net. We look forward to hearing from you.

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We make it easy to order new components for your drill attachments and keep your equipment working in optimal form over years of use.

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