Terry Tools Maintenance Tips


Terry Tools are lubricated at the factory with a high quality ball and roller bearing grease. This lubrication must be maintained at all times to avoid unnecessary wear of internal parts. Instructions, which are packed with each tool, can be found below.

Replacement parts for Terry Tools are readily available at a reasonable cost. Do not attempt to use substitute parts in Terry Tools. We do not use stock gears. All gears have been specially generated to fit their particular purpose. We also offer an in-house repair service.

**The recommended RPM is 2500. Although different materials may create vastly different drilling conditions, we recommend that you do not exceed the listed capacity.

**Do not force cutting action with dull tooling. Abuse will ruin the gears.

**The majority of Terry Tools are designed for RIGHT HAND DRIVE ONLY. Only Terry Tools equipped with an original equipment chuck are reversible.

**The front spindle bearing, head and handle have LEFT HAND THREADS and must be turned CLOCKWISE to unscrew.

**The screw in the angle tool is NOT to be removed or adjusted. To lubricate your tool it must be disassembled following the instructions packed with each tool. For your convenience the instructions are included below. At each lubrication we advise that you check all gears and bearing surfaces for wear. To assure that the gears are properly meshed, please check the operation of your tool by hand before chucking to power.

**We realize that there are times when a small Terry Tool is used on a big job because it is the only tool that will reach a given area. While the tool may do the job, it may be necessary to replace gears more frequently.

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